Sun Peaks Grocery Delivery

We offer a very simple service to ensure you have fresh groceries for your Sun Peaks winter vacation.

  1. Use our website to place a grocery & liquor order up to a month before you arrive.
  2. Just before you arrive, we shop for your order at our suppliers in Kamloops.
  3. We deliver the groceries to your rental property on the day you arrive.


Grocery Delivery Rates

  • $10 - One time delivery fee
  • 35% markup of the grocery receipt*
  • $5 per liquor item**
    $5 per 6 pack specialty beer
    $5 per 12 beer case
    $10 per 24 beer case
    $12 per 12 bottle case of wine

Order Placing Steps

  1. Click the "Order Now" button
  2. Choose a date for delivery
  3. Provide contact & payment info using our Secure Checkout system
  4. Use our Grocery List shopping form to provide us your order
order now

*A minimum charge of $60 will be assessed when the grocery markup plus delivery fee come to less than $60. This break-even charge for us equates to roughly $143 worth of groceries ($143 x 35% = $50.05 + $10 delivery fee = $60.05).

**An "item" of liquor will typically be a bottle of wine or spirits, a 12 pack case of beer, or a 6 pack of specialty beer. Please note: Liquor will not be delivered to your unit before your arrival. ID may be requested if you are suspected of being a minor. The legal drinking age in BC is 19 years and those ordering liquor must be present to verify age of majority.